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Asalamua'laikum w.b.t


Tik tok, tik tok. Kedeshh, kedessh, kedesssh. Jarum jam yang berdetak dan kipas yang berputar ligat membuatkan diri ini mengelamun sendiri. Lantas, menggeleng-geleng kepala sekuatnya, "uish jauh sudah mengelamun ni!" monologku keras. Haish, apalah aku mau buat ni tau, boring tul!. Dari siang tadi, lepas solat Subuh, zzZZZZ lagi balik. Astaghfirullah.. kosong! bila adik kejut, minta hantar pi sekolah, aku membalas dengan desahan yang agak panjang, "semalam orang tidur jam 2.30 ba...penat...". (Padahal, there is no one asked me to sleep so late). Hurm... Hidup macam tidak terpandu, hilang rasa. Pedas, manis, pahit? semua macam sudah sebati atas lidah kehidupan. Tapi, bila sampai bab makan?? my sister said, "you are infected! Food addiction!". hoho. bahaya-bahaya. Apakah yang sebenarnya yang kosong di dalam jiwa ni? Lapang tanpa isi, lalu di ganti dengan makanan? Badan pun erm... faham-fah…

"Patience is something that is hard to explain"

Some people said to you " Be patience.. cool.." or "Don't act like a child!". But still, patience is something that is not easy to describe. It's inside you. Sometimes it makes you feel pressure, but sometimes it makes you feel more calm. To talk about 'patience', maybe we need some scientific theory right? So stop thinking about it theoritically :P, let's just go deep inside into "how to build patience in our life" :).

For me, a lot of things that happen in our daily life, make us someone that cannot control his or her temper. We easily feel angry and always tend to protect our pride with angriness. Despite it is a small thing that occur accidentally to us, we still tend to burst our angriness on that small little thing.

For example, when someone update his or her status on Facebook, even it is not for us, but as those words that she or he use is a litt…


5 October 2011.

When it comes to life, you have to remember that you’re not gonna decide on your own. There is something biggest than anything else that arrange you either you believed it or not. Today, my story, I am a little bit tired to front this world. But, is it the end of everything?. No!! I’m not gonna let it happen. I have another chance. Yes, I have it. First, I already got place to sit for medicine course in Trisakti’s University, but then, I don’t have scholarship :’(. MARA has changed their policies this year. They don’t send any student to Trisakti University anymore. Is it the end of everything?? I pray to Allah, hope it’s not gonna be like that. So, Uncle Ben tried hard to make me enter Gadjah Mada University. So then, he met the TNC or here, they called him as ‘rektor’. After some discusson, Uncle Ben told us, that ‘I am accepted’ @_@. But..... for next intact. Next year?? =_=’ . At first, I’m SAD. So....SAD :’(
But, then, Uncle Ben and m…