Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Re enter


Asalamua'laikum wbt.=)

After a long journey (*not long enough I think :P) I enter Medicinal field, I am not even realized that this blog haunted with cobweb! haha.

So.. today, and the up coming day, Najwa will share with all of about the journey here (*in another dimension of the world*hehe). But why now it's in English?? hoho. Because.. I have to improve my English.. I need to repeat my MUET.. I got band 3 during my foundation at UMS, now, for the sake of this 'demand course' :P I have and must upgrade it into band 4. Erm,..support and motivation needed now ;) thus, negative thought can't be treated k ;P hee

when I start typing again on this creepy wall, it makes me remember my naughty and lovely friends in Sabah. Do miss me Myzra Midin, Nurazimah Bongoh and the rest of ABIM family. Because I do miss all of you ;D Tazkirah, Ceramah, Usrah are just required here, but all the allocated time for those things have to be spend in lecture notes. Seriously, the busiest course I've ever in. SHOCK! but my passion overcome those feelings. In shaa Allah, I'll try my best :)

Ok, meraputism need to stop now, becuz in couple of minutes, Azan maghrib will be heard :) Luv u all~ see u in the next post :)