Sunday, January 22, 2017

As long as I can Help

Maybe that's the thing about human being. The neediness in us. We need other people, and others need us. What is the different of being need and being used? How do we differentiate it? Because some people told me, "You just don't give her any chance lah Najwa. She is just using you.". 

For me, as long as I'm not depleted, I'm not in harm, and I'm not hurt for what they are asking for, I consider it as 'the need', not 'used'. And yeah, it tend to be quite similar somehow, because the occasion or 'timing' is quite the same. People only come to you when they 'need' something. But are their 'needs' harming you? Can you still cope and help to fulfill their 'need'?

Yes. Then it is a 'need', not 'used'. Those people just 'need' you.

And do make yourself open for that. Because I do believe, today, someone need you and you open yourself to give, tomorrow, someone else from nowhere will do the same for you. But yeah, maybe not the one whom you already gave your hands on. It might be someone else. 

But if the same person do it with some frequency which you think not suitable with the amount you can give, and you started feel depleted. Then stop. Just tell them I can't give and I can't help anymore. That's it. 

Basically, "As long as I can help, I'll help"

Dr wawa. 

Saturday, January 14, 2017

So-called Haprak Love

Siapa juga yang hatinya tidak sungguh untuk sayang dan mahu di sayangi?


Semua . Menuntut perhatian dan kasih sayang.

Tapi perlu beza.

Kasih sayang yang bagaimana?

Jelas? Atau yang kabur berselingkuh? Antara mahu dan ketidakmahuan.

Haprak teruk. Bila datang nya cuma bila kau ber kapasiti dan potensi!

Cis! sayang bermatlamat!

Jangan bodoh sis!

Dah tu, bila kau nampak 'longlai' tanpa potensi, kau di perlekeh macam rubbish!

That is rubbish! Beza! Please! 

Pengalaman akan ajar kita bezakan kasih sayang- kasih sayang jenis bermatalmat dan haprak macam tu.



Kita semua pun belajar dari pengalaman :)

Jangan terlalu menghukum diri.

In shaa Allah.

In the end. You'll be better and gorgeously okay!

Selamat malam.

Dr wawa

Meh, belanja satu lagu. hehe. Stand on your two feet sis! This is the year of your freedom and in-dependency towards any haprak love! 

Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Skin reflection

That evening. I went to the ward, actually searching for a case so that I can present it the next day. Then I met one uncle whom really open my eye regarding gratitude :) Thank you Allah, for the message. 

Few days back was actually quite a tough day for me, because for the first time I had that kind of severe skin allergy. Worst, I can't even elicit which is which as the causative agent. Either food, water that I used to get bath, towel that I shared, washing machine that we shared, don't know! And my skin swollen like hell. Patchy reddish swelling pop up progressively over the medial aspect of my arm. And yah -_- itchy beb. I was like scratching all over and everywhere , tanpa mengira tempat! *emoticon gelak nangis*

 I went to GP, and they gave prednisolone and citrizine. And it does helped alhamdulillah. But before that, ya, I prescribed something on my own, like moisturizer and supplement for skin la kan. Haha. Memandai kan. In deniable state actually ='D Don't want to accept that it was an allergy! Not some kind of skin problem! Wake up Najwa! Haha. Siap call kawan talked about eczema lah bagai.

Okay, worst part tu actually, part 'KENA MAKAN VEGE' sebulan weyh. Mula-mula tenang, tapi seminggu layan vege, kau jadi~~~~~~ menangis di pinggir kolam, berendam air mata. Mengong! Haha. Ya Allahuakbar kabiro, Tuhan ja tahu bila kau tengok kawan kau makan chicken chop! -_- Kill meyh. Kau makan?? Nasi goreng kosong~~~~~ Ohoho~~ tragedy october~~~ ' Ndapa, seminggu lagi aku order kaw2 punya! *nangis lagi* hahahah

Until one moment, paling cannot handle, part kau dah irritable gila with your skin, kau marah semua orang! Semua orang! Please! Haahaha. Slight trigger can burst you out. No matter what. I'm sorry guy. But yeah, I'm actually, angry at my skin. 

So what happened this evening?

I saw a patient.

Mula-mula lalu tu. Dia ingat I won't stop and looking into his file. Like, ya, memang that uncle's face pun already scary with his skin like that -_- I can tell you. But I did stopped. and looked into his file. His face expression shows that he is quite shock actually. Then I started with my first question-

Uncle sorang ke?

Ya laaa~ mana ada olang mau saya. Miskin, kulit ini macam semua. Tala olang mau jaga~ *His eyes really tell me everything* sadness..

Uncle dulu kerja tak?

Suda 10 tahun tala kereja. Mau kereja macam mana kulit ini macam?? 

I can say, uncle memang jobless and abandoned. Teringat kisah Nabi Ayub weyh. huhu

And aku pulak buat lawak dekat situ, termenangis depan uncle. -_- ya, malu dengan diri sendiri. Even uncle kebil2 tengok aku. Bukan apa, I do feel you uncle. Skin is the largest organ in human's body. Got problem, a lot of bad consequences will be there. 

Muhasabah diri is what I'm doing tadi petang. Ndak sempat clerk case penuh. Esok pagi in shaa Allah.

A lot to learn Dr wawa.
Uncle was diagnosed with Erythrodermic Psoriasis. (Revise please Najwa!)


na, can you imagine? How can you live with this skin condition? huhu

Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Dream ON Najwa! Woaahhhh!

To : Najwa Sayang :)

And we are almost there dear.
Through all the honey sweet memories to the obstacles that suck the good in us.
Never stop!
Dream on!
DREAM ON Sayang!

In shaa Allah, something AWESOME and GORGEOUSLY BETTER is waiting for you ;)