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Few days left before I have to bring all my things and memories here, 'there'. Ugh. I don't want to. But this is what I'm destined for. My holiday almost come to an end~ Tidakkk. But if I didn't put an effort to continue the struggle and fight again, what am I doing there from the very beginning? Remember the day you started Najwa! That is the only reason why (?) you need to hold all of this back and strive again! Haip!  I remembered my Ustaz once said to me, "Selalunya, orang akan berputus asa masa dekat-dekat nak menang dah. Padahal sikit lagi garisan penamat. Terlalu keletihan kan". Huhu. He said that to me before my Public Speaking competition in one of the secondary school in Sabah *which is obviously, I forgot* ha ha ha. Lol. Thank you Ustaz Nik :) I'm going to remember that for the rest of my life! Unless Alzheimer or Amnesia come to me from nowhere, huhu, nau'dzubillah. But yeah, that is physiological, aging process kan. Who can beat God&…


Actually, aku perati ja gayamu dek. You're a selfless person. Pentingkan adik-beradik dan keluarga bila sampai part-part ni.  . Rm 29.90 Juah. Kau mau?  . Kau dek? Ko nde mau? Ndade saiz ku tu Ko ambillah. Kakimu sakit kan.  . Nanti kalau ko sudah bejaya. Kau lagi membelanje2 aku.  . Tapi kalau ko kawin awal? . So what is the problem? Wahkaka.  . Ok dek.  . Alhamdulillah. Alhamdulillah. Alhamdulillah.  . Nikmat mana lagi perlu kau dusta Najwa? . Keluarga yang Allah bagi ni memang sejenis keluarga yang dahsyat.  . Dahsyat. Dahsyat. Dahsyat. Giver nya with you.  . Mom. Dad. Adek. Nada. Akid. Each and every person ni semacam hadiah for you wa.  . Not only keluarga.  . Kawan. . Kawan yang Allah bagi untuk kau dekat Sabah ni pun sejenis giver untuk kau. Keluar makan. Masing-masing jenis tidak berkira hulur bila rezeki mereka ada, walau sikit. Jenis ada di situ bila kau perlu. Antara yang perlu kau syukuri Najwa. Serious.  . Belajar syukur ni perkara lama. Bukan sehari dua. Mengecam ni…


Be ugly.  Ya.  Be ugly and don't forget to be real about it.  Show me the ugly you.  Show me that weird annoying you.  . The moment I decided to accept that one part of you.  . Trust me.  . I am already in decision. . To accept the whole thing about you :) . I'm asking you to be ugly, not mean. You must understand my word clearly :P


Apa yang kau mahu?
And are you really serious in wanting it?
Or just roaming around to give a hit shot trial.
Try and error? Perhaps.
I'm in a phase of wanting those.
Clear and healthy relationship.
Unconditional love. Good and bad.
Chose and Chosen.
Practical guy whom can walk the talk.
And most of the time, nothing to do with his physical appearance.
Character *only me can define it*
Open hearted person.
Fragile and REAL.
Not judgy.
Understand my career *the most crucial one*
Banyak cekadak kau.
Okay2. Fine. YA. Kau ingat semua mau ideal? No one is perfect la. Lol.
Malas lah fikir.
Habis study ni. Sapa yang serious,  mom and dad eventually like him. Then he's the one. I will promise him 'the me' unconditionally.