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27th April 2018

So lately I'm so addicted with financial management knowledge. Not because I am so into 'money', but I don't wanna be ignorance anymore especially when those things related to my career.
Wise people said, never depend on single income. And that is what I'm striving for now. When I said 'striving', basically, I am struggling with limited power :) Ugh. 
Business is about 'giving'. Giving in your power. Do something for others in your power. In your capacity and limitation. So I remember this scene where I met one of a CIMB guy (Financial Consultant ASB) at Center Point after I had my lunch at ground floor. 
I told him, If I want to take that particular 'loan', I would have taken it in a shorter period. Why? Because, TIME IS MONEY. He insisted that it will be better if I take it in a longer period. 
But you know who will get the benefit after that longer hours waiting for your money? It's either bank or that agent. Ini buka…
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6th April 2018

Waiting for the election to take place.
Waiting to be posted as Houseman.
Waiting for your jodoh to come.Lol.

Waiting is painful if we have nothing to do in between.
That we are having family business to handle.
That everything is going smoothly alhamdulillah.

But still!
Waiting for far too long makes you delirium xD

They told you.
Patience is how you react during waiting moment.
I think, so far. I'm busy.
But maybe, not touching your point of living,
like serving your people thru your chosen field,
it makes all seems not reaching the point.

I don't know.
Maybe I hate waiting.

So, who you wanna undi? Kih3.
Are you afraid of changes? Then you know which party to vote.
Mana boleh gitau~~ Undi rahsia maaa :P

Although waiting seems painful.
Be grateful and patience k! ;)
Something GOOD and BETTER are coming for us!
Let it unfolded by time ;)



12th February 2018 Monday bluess~ hehe
Aiwah! I am officially 26 years old 30 minutes ago. Lol. NO NO, I am just 16 years old currently. - Deniable state. 
For women, birthday, anniversary, etc are SO SO BIG for them, thus guy, please take note, NEVER EVER forget your girlfriend's birthday date! Keep your phone, mind, facebook, instagram and even your guy friend alert with it! Haha!Or you'll screw everything up. For sure.  . But it will be different if your girlfriend is masculine, which you might not need to take it that heavy. Because they 'think' and 'act' like you. Like a guy! Lol. So... today, in this post, which I might read it back 10 years from now, I want to thank my mom. My always that lovey deviy mama, for.....tadaaaa!

Yah, I wanna thank mama for her lovely mama's way in order to show me that she loves me. Wake up early in the morning…


8th February 2018 Thursday

So this is our first trip for the 3 of us. Never before we went far for a vacation without our parent. Old enough to let go, so mom and dad gave us this chance. Hee. Thank you mom, thank you bapak. . . Travel around with your siblings really exciting. Plus, you get to know each other better. Even after travel with friends we can create such bonding, apatah lagi with our own sibling right? ;) 

So, 1st - 6th February 2018, 3 of us traveled to Perak, specifically for Nurul Amirah Syafiqah's wedding (my adek angkat nya wedding). At first, it was only me who wanna go, but my father allowed us to go together. So it such a bless to go there with my siblings. Really a bless! Hee. 
I managed to show them where I studied and how 'big' my uni is XD They said, it's quite big. Hee. (Faculty of Medicine QIUP). So, not that bad huh? Haha. Managed to bring them to KTM and Riverfront. But those places no longer alive. Because they said, already taken back by MBI. …

Build Your Own Business_BYOB_Linda Tomirin

7th February 2018 Wednesday
Few days to my 26th birthday. Whuuut?? 26 already? - Should make an effort to stay younger than my age. I supposed.  . So hye and greeting to those who had that gut to read my blog. Hee. Thank you for your precious time, consumed by reading my hakapebendealah Najwa wrote here. Plus my English is kinda crawling, not yet standing here. Kih3.
So today, I wanted to share one of our small event in Hanila Cube Shop Bongawan called 'Build Your Own Business_BYOB_' by Linda Tomirin.Organized by my friend Syai. From Selangor she came all the way to Sabah just to share this one knowledge which Sabahan I can see not really aware of. Making money through compunding is no longer rare among us Y gene- I think we are no longer Y gene? Is it? Z? Eh.No no.

But yeah, here we are, talking about it. So, on that day, we've had one small discussion on how people can make money from their own money.Like making money work for you? Have you ever heard that? I hope yeah, you…



24th January 2018

Claiming that we are so blessed nowadays, alhamdulillah, 'yes'. But, I dont know. You know what? people who had been through several struggle before will definitely have some sort of precaution when it comes to blessing. As it can be pull away or disappear at any moment of time.  . . I still remember that moment when I fell sick and being admitted into ward. KPJ. And it cost my father around 25K for all the expenses. Not knowing about hospital, choices in treatment, that you actually have options made us blindly followed any recommendation by any private seeking money doctor. Maybe they thought that our family can afford it. Yes, still at that time. But then everything seems to change.  . We struggle.  . And you who judge my blessing today definitely because of 'not knowing' what I had been through before that bless moment we have. After I fell sicked, that tragedy was followed by my mom then my sister. We are no longer talking about it today, as not…


21st January 2018

So today, 3 posts in a row xD Because I suddenly got that 'mood' and 'time'. Sunday is an OFF DAY for us one family. Everybody will be stayin' at home. Cooking, cleaning, lipat baju satu minggu ndak lipat xD haha. So yeah, got free time for other thing you always wanted to do, today.  . . Najwa like decided to keep my story here, because one day my family, my kids (perhaps), my people in future might want to know where I belong. What did I do. And not impossible, my blog can be a book full of my story ONE DAY! Hehe. Like "Kisah Orang Menang" by Saiful Nang. Hee. Tebal gila buku Saiful Nang. And Dr Kalanithi who died from lung cancer also a writer with his book "When Breath Becomes Air"- What makes life worth living in the face of death? . . So, today I decided to put in my story about Our Family Small Shop in our 'not so fancy' town, Bongawan. Hehe. Life is so mysterious. I never thought that I will end up somehow in t…

How to react when you have skin allergy

21st January 2018, Sunday.

So Hi. I'm sorry to pop up my messy picture, tudung lilit-liit ja, sebab I took that photo early in the morning when my mom got angry kami belum beli barang dapur lagi xD So our fridge was totally empty that morning, so I grabbed that shawl and go buy groceries with my younger sister. . Mak cik is Confident. Mak cik is Confident no one in Pasar will be attracted to Mak cik xD hahahahaha! Bengong! . Okay. My current topic is : Bare Face and Embrace you flaws. . So yeah, represent to you, my oily but 'getting better' skin. Sebab for the very last please! Allergic reaction which was started at around 25th December 2017 ritu alhamdulillah dah beransur pulih.  . So basically my dear friend. Your product, your skin care, your each and everything, bukan 'not good'. It was 'my skin' which is choosy and too demanding xD haha. Pakai la apa pun, there must be a short moment of rebellious pattern there. So yeah.  . What I want to share today is about "…

Arwah Uwa Hajah, Last Memory.

18th January 2018.  Thursday. . . Singkap tirai baru dan mulakan dengan niat yang lebih jelas. 16th January 2018. Genap 75 tahun, Uwa hajah left us that night. It was started last week, when she fell and hurt badly around his waist and spine. Elderly fell? Off course, I am going to look for any femoral fracture. - Dak dak medic undergraduate nya style. . She was given painkiller for short period of time dekat klinik. If the pain keep on upgrading in intensity, then they'll go for X-ray.So, reported, she didn't have enough sleep, lost appetite and keep on complaining about her discomfort for about 3 days. My uncle was told by the doctor to use the painkiller given in a period of 1 week camtu. So everyone expecting the pain will eventually go away. But it didn't.  . . And last report, she was weak and breathless at the end of her day. Terfikir juga tentang Fat Embolism last2 tu. Sebab mungkin melibatkan keretakkan tulang. Tapi X-ray shows no fracture at all. And last-last tu report…

How to apply for 'Food Licence' in Sabah (Daerah Papar)

Asalamua'laikum wbt.

So basically, lama dah Najwa mau share part ni.
Sebab mungkin ramai lagi yang terjebak dengan 'tidak tahu'
Untuk permohonan lesen makanan di sini.

Sis share k.

First, ada 4 benda yang perlu ada before final stage:

1. Suntikan vaccine from any clinic. Cost usually Rm 75.00 (Klinik Dr Mustafa, Papar)
2. Kursus Pengendalian Makanan (Kena rujuk dengan Pejabat Kesihatan) - Yuran kelas, 2017 adalah Rm 50. Tidak perlu attend every year. Sekali seumur hidup.
3. You need borang dar Pejabat Daerah (Ordinan Perniagaan) - Rm 1.00, sertakan sekali salinan IC and cukai pintu if you want to open a shop. If not, kena sertakan perjanjian tapak etc2.
4. Borang dari Majlis Daerah (Borang ni perlu lalui 4 orang pegawai - untuk di sign, termasuk yang last, actually, 5 orang pegawai) - Kos satu borang Rm 10.00

So basically, lengkap SEMUA di atas baru boleh submit ALL to PEJABAT DAERAH untuk di luluskan. Pej.daerah k, bukan majlis daerah. Jangan confuse.

And~ camni, if mau …

Before 2018 - maybe

Asalamua'laikum wbt. So yeah, I'm back. And I'm still here. Alive and Survive. Basically, thriving. Waiting.for.something. - permanent Job I mean.

It is funny. How fate redirect us isn't it? Like now, yeah. The one who always got hurt, was UP above the sky, minding their own victory. While some, struggling with their life as a Karmic Lesson.
Nothing to be proud of. Because everything seems to be turned out as a lesson to learned.
Like... Bila dah lalui banyak benda dalam hidup ni. Sikit pun kita 'tidak mampu' sombong. Apatah lagi bongkak. Apatah lagi angkuh. Because why? Dah dewasa ni, makin sedar dik oi.  "Harini hari dia, esok lusa mungkin hari aku pulak"
Betullah tu. Waktu tinggi usah mendongak terlalu lama ke langit. Sebab belum tentu kita boleh selalu 'mendongak'. Mungkin satu hari Allah atur, kita kembali tunduk menyembah bumi. 
Sebab tu, orang tua-tua (yang banyak pengalaman hidup) Lebih banyak diam dari berkata-kata. Sebab ni lah. Pen…