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Stars and Friends

Here it is.. =) Actually, this site only for my personal life. I shouldn't write anything regards to my course here. It's not fun anymore. In another words, "awkward" right :P

Ok.. basically.. Today I'll share about something common :)  Entitled "Friend"

You were there, I knew it :)
You always check on me, also.. I knew it :)
You always try to keep connected, I knew!!

Hoho.. How can I thank you for what you did :) I am grateful to have a friend like you :)

#Dedicated to all my loyal friend. And I'm sorry if I did hurt you intentionally or unintentionally#
Allah provide me friends, not only to share anything with, but also to call when I need some helps :) Alhamdulillah :)

"Do remember this, I do REMEMBER you"
keep smiling k ;)

-Family Bahas & Sisma Sabah-