Sunday, January 22, 2017

As long as I can Help

Maybe that's the thing about human being. The neediness in us. We need other people, and others need us. What is the different of being need and being used? How do we differentiate it? Because some people told me, "You just don't give her any chance lah Najwa. She is just using you.". 

For me, as long as I'm not depleted, I'm not in harm, and I'm not hurt for what they are asking for, I consider it as 'the need', not 'used'. And yeah, it tend to be quite similar somehow, because the occasion or 'timing' is quite the same. People only come to you when they 'need' something. But are their 'needs' harming you? Can you still cope and help to fulfill their 'need'?

Yes. Then it is a 'need', not 'used'. Those people just 'need' you.

And do make yourself open for that. Because I do believe, today, someone need you and you open yourself to give, tomorrow, someone else from nowhere will do the same for you. But yeah, maybe not the one whom you already gave your hands on. It might be someone else. 

But if the same person do it with some frequency which you think not suitable with the amount you can give, and you started feel depleted. Then stop. Just tell them I can't give and I can't help anymore. That's it. 

Basically, "As long as I can help, I'll help"

Dr wawa. 

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